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Press release of TFA dated 10/05/2007 22 Kb  pdf  11/05/2007 
Italian Bondholders' Arbitration Against Argentina Advances
Press release of TFA dated 09/02/2007 23 Kb  pdf  09/02/2007 
ICSID registers request for arbitration brought by 195.000 italian investors
Press release of Telecom Argentina 230 Kb  pdf  06/09/2005 
Telecom Argentina announces it has paid the APE consideration and closed its debt restructuring
Press release of Telecom Argentina 173 Kb  pdf  30/08/2005 
Telecom Argentina announces the closing of its debt restructuring
Press release of Telecom Argentina 129 Kb  pdf  13/06/2005 
Telecom Argentina announces that court approval of its APE became final
GCAB position paper 118 Kb  pdf  07/02/2005 
Most favored creditors clause
GCAB presentation 109 Kb  pdf  07/02/2005 
Investor roadshow presentation - January 2005
Gcab Press release 21.1.2004
Press release of GCAB 103 Kb  pdf  13/01/2005 
GCAB rejects argentine exchange offer
Press release of GCAB 19 Kb  pdf  06/12/2004 
GCAB welcomes principles for stable capital flows to emerging markets and fair debt restructuring process
Press release of GCAB 90 Kb  pdf  15/11/2004 
GCAB files brief in support of motion to prevent Argentina’s exchange offer
Press release of GCAB 18 Kb  pdf  14/10/2004 
GCAB objects to agreement between the Argentine Government and AFJP
Press release of GCAB 93 Kb  pdf  08/10/2004 
Presentation during IMF/World Bank Meetings
GCAB Presentation 167 Kb  pdf  07/10/2004 
On occasion of IMF/World Bank Annual Meetings
Press release of Telecom Argentina 25 Kb  pdf  09/09/2004 
Telecom Argentina updates participation in its APE solicitation
Press release of Telecom Argentina 23 Kb  pdf  10/08/2004 
The company announces the level of participation of its APE solicitation
Press release of Telecom Argentina 26 Kb  pdf  03/08/2004 
The company announces that it has surpassed the requisite majorities and announces the extention of APE solicitation period
GCAB Presentation 415 Kb  30  03/08/2004 
July 30, 2004
Press Release of GCAB - 12/07/2004 28 Kb  pdf  13/07/2004 
GCAB to begin investor presentations
Press Release of GCAB 21/06/2004 111 Kb  pdf  22/06/2004 
Press Release of GCAB - 1/6/2004 73 Kb  pdf  04/06/2004 
Press Release of GCAB 02/03/2004 97 Kb  pdf  03/03/2004 
GCAB members withdraw from Argentina’s Consultative Groups
Press Release of GCAB 24/02/2004 50 Kb  pdf  28/02/2004 
GCAB demands Argentina begin good faith negotiation
Press Release of GCAB 77 Kb  pdf  13/02/2004 
GCAB invites Argentina to begin good faith negotiation
Press Release of GCAB 13 Kb  pdf  29/01/2004 
Press release of GCAB 50 Kb  pdf  16/01/2004 
Established in Rome the ”Global Committee of Argentina Bondholders”
Press Release of IGOR 56 Kb  pdf  29/10/2003 
For the International Group of Rome the debt restructuring proposal made by the Argentinean Government is unacceptable
Press release 52 Kb  pdf  25/07/2003 
Press Release of the Republic of Argentina regarding the meeting with TFA
Communique of TFA dated 18/07/2003 64 Kb  pdf  21/07/2003 
Signed with ABRA the terms of an agreement of cooperation and established the International Group of Rome for Argentina Bondholders

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